[NSPS-627] English Sub JAV Kissing Cuckold – The Boss Took My Wife’s Lips… Chie Aoi


Free watch JAV kissing cuckold with actress Chie Aoi. Aoi’s husband has shown his talents as the chief sales officer since the company was founded, and was even commended by the company. But because of mountain climbing injuries, Aoi’s husband began to live in a wheelchair, so he had to resign. 10 years ago, the husband bought a house with a 35-year loan, but now he can no longer live on… At this time, the husband’s former boss came, and the malicious boss wanted to take away the beautiful wife of the former subordinate, and in exchange for every Sign a lover contract with Aoi at a price of 500,000 yen per month… There are 3 heavyweight actors in the play, a wife who decides to be embraced by others for her livelihood (played by Aoi Chie), a husband who reluctantly surrenders his wife, and a president who embraces his former subordinate’s wife with the power of money, each of them played well. In addition, there are a lot of kissing scenes arranged in the play. Aoi seems to enjoy the completely different kissing between her husband and the boss, and each kiss with the boss is also different, including passive kissing and active kissing. More videos about Japanese Milf wife porn are “Mom Son JAV Subtitle – To My Mother Who Is Going To Remarry, A Never-Ending Creampie From Jealous Me” and “Japanese Mature Mom Sex Storys – I Rather Fuck My Mother-in-law Than My Wife…

Date: November 25, 2022
Actors: Aoi Chie

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